1494: None of This Is Luck with Natalie Trice Founder and Owner of PR School


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After teaching English in Japan, she forged a successful PR career in London working on local, regional, UK, EMEA and global levels, managing Pan European teams, mentoring staff and exceeding board level expectations time and again. Today Natalie Trice lives in Devon and works with female business owners and experts and has extensive experience in the B2B, broadcast, charity, consumer, corporate and lifestyle sectors. She is the author of two books, PR School and Cast Life and is the founder of DDH UK, a global charitable trust that supports thousands of people around the world who are dealing the hip issues, like her second son.

“don’t give up… I think if you have got that end goal and you just think I am not going to give up… You have got to keep going and then when you get the good things and you get the wins you write those down. And I do that myself and I keep a jar and I fold things up and if something good has happened whether that’s a piece of media coverage or it’s some good feedback or it’s a great trip to London I put those in. And at the end of the year you have got this great pile of paper to tell you actually won’t really well and why you do carrying on doing what you do”…[Listen for More]

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