Episode 116: Develop Cross-Cultural Competence And Work Effectively Across The Cultures. With Dr Zsuzsanna Tungli


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In our NEW episode of The Expat Career And Lifestyle podcast, we are speaking about Developing Cross-Cultural Competence And Working Effectively Across The Cultures.

I invited a very special guest Dr Zsuzsanna Tungli, the Managing Partner at Developing Global Leaders Asia An expert in modern global leadership, holding an MBA and a PhD in international business. Her work over the past 30 years has spanned Asia, US, and Europe, in consulting as well as executive education (including INSEAD, IMD, NUS and SMU in the APAC region). She recently published her book on global leadership: "The Culture Key between Asia and the West".

You will learn:

  • how Zsuzsanna started her international journey and her biggest challenges,
  • what does it mean to be cross-culturally competent and communicate effectively across cultures while building your business or developing your career,
  • the main differences within both the Western and the Asian groups,
  • when we tend to generalize culture? Is it helpful?
  • and much more.

Listen to the interview and share with us what are your learning points and what are your challenges, questions when it comes to working across different cultures.

You can also watch the video version here: https://youtu.be/soGNszb5gEQ

Connect with Dr Zsuzsanna Tungli here: https://www.developinggloballeaders.com/ , http://culturaltrainingasia.com/index.php

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