The Family Tree Season 3 - Episode 28 - Ending 4 - Cutting 6 - The Final Cut


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In the last Cutting of Season 3, Dave reflects on accountability and forgiveness, and considers the best ways to end things by asking some big questions. We hear from past guests, new guests and listeners to the show, who talk about how they approach these issues. We also hear from Dave's partner, Jen, about how she has experienced the making of The Family Tree, and are introduced to a song written for the end of show by Martin Zaltz Austwick.

The Family Tree’s Cuttings discuss the real issues raised in the show with special guests from podcasting, journalism, religion and the arts. This episode forms a kind of trilogy with these two previous Cuttings: Find our Guests!

Martin Zaltz Austwick: Pale Bird, Song by Song

Alex Iantaffi: Gender Stories Podcast Tanaka Mhishi: Tanaka’s work around sexual violence, The Consent Collective Oliver Thorn: Philosophy Tube Dr. Alice Tarbuck Dr Cathy Elliott Kevin Allison: RISK! Jenny Adamthwaite Dr Robert Poole Dr. Alexander Cummins Professor Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad

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