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Hello Wanderers. This is Eli Barraza, creator of the Far Meridian with an update. First and foremost, the Far Meridian will return for its third and final season. We don’t have a new release date just yet but we’re working hard behind the scenes to ensure we do right by bringing the story of Peri and the lighthouse to a close.

I’d also like to announce the premiere of Whisperforge’s new show, “Rogue Runners Vol. 1: In the Blood” dropping May 14th! I am a huge fan of Greek mythology and tabletop RPGs so I can’t wait to dive into the Underworld with creator Tau Zaman and their incredible cast of players and I hope you’ll join us.

Listen for a brief teaser of “Rogue Runners”. And until the lighthouse comes out of the fog, may you always find your way.

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