Philipp Born - Combining a PhD & Tennis


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This week we speak to Philipp Born, a tennis coach who has studied various tennis patterns as part of his doctorate.
Philipp talks to us about:

  • Various tennis patterns that he studied for his PhD
  • German League Tennis
  • The importance of second serve speed
  • Advice for juniors

Philipp is super knowledgable about tennis and about different strategies that can be used on-court.
The episode is slightly different to others - but offers an insight into patterns & strategies that pros use in real life from a different perspective.

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Check out the breakdown of the tennis court that Philipp was talking about here
Episode Chapters:
1:32 - Mixing Tennis & a PhD

13:17 - Pros training with certain patterns

21:58 - Importance of Second Serve Speed

25:14 - Advice for juniors

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