Robert Lindstedt - Grand Slam Doubles Champ


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Swedish Doubles player and Grand Slam Champion, Robert Lindstedt joins the podcast this week 🇸🇪
Our chat with Robert was insightful, surprising, funny & everything in-between 😅

We talk about:

  • Secrets to longevity
  • Dealing with losses
  • How nutrition habits have changed
  • Winning the Australian Open
  • Having the right mindset
  • Biggest regret in his career

Robert was extremely honest and open in this interview. It's definitely worth a listen 👌

Hope you enjoy it & let us know what you think!
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Episode Chapters:
2:35 - Secrets to longevity

7:11 - Dealing with losses

12:04 - How nutrition has changed
15:36 - Winning the Australian Open

27:44 - Biggest regret in career

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