TRAILER: What does "The Future Is Here" mean?


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We can no longer hold on to old paradigms while millions leave and disengage with the Church. The future is young, urban, and multi-ethnic. Jesus challenged the power structures of religion while on Earth and instituted the movement of the Church using a band of young radicals that were so moved by their experience with Christ that they died telling the world. Imagine a vibrant movement of passionate urban youth that are living out the Gospel in cities around the world and leading the next revival and iteration of the Church. The time for that is now. We welcome you to The Future Is Here podcast where UYWI's CEO Tommy Nixon, along with many relevant leading voices, dive deep into what the future of the church looks like—future that is here, young, multi-ethnic and a reflection of God's Kingdom.

Listen to The Future Is Here podcast Trailer to hear CEO, Tommy Nixon, and Creative Director, Shuree Rivera chop it up about UYWI's #TheFutureisHere vision.

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