The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 27 : Doper Than A 80's Lighter


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Track List

00:00 Introduction
01:23 Rockin The House By Cut Master DC
02:52 Sobb Story By Leaders Of The New School
05:15 I Ain't No Joke By Eric B And Rakim
07:56 Roxanne's Revenge By Roxanne Shante
09:23 1-900-LL-Cool J By LL Cool J
10:54 Here We Go Again By Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
12:51 Last Night By Kid n Play
14:13 Risin To The Top By Doug E Fresh
16:45 A Fly Girl By The Boogie Boys
17:21 Gangsta Gangsta By NWA
18:50 Beats To the Rhyme By Run Dmc
20:32 Jock Box By The Skinny Boys
21:46 White Lines By Gandmaster Flash ft Melle Mel
23:55 Nobody Beats The Biz By Biz Markie (Marley Marl Remix)
25:28 Hold It Now By The Beastie Boys
27:01 Monte Hall By 3rd Base
28:14 P.S.K What Does It Mean By Schoolly D
29:55 The New Jazz One By Digital Underground
30:31 Funky Song By MC Lyte
31:56 The Rebel By Tragedy & Marley Marl
33:10 Underground By EPMD
34:45 You Ain't Heard Nuttin Yet By Heavy D & The Boyz
37:09 Kool Accordin 2 A Jungle Brother By The Jungle Brothers
38:02 Gotta Be Tough By MC Shy D
39:44 Say No Go By De La Soul
42:12 Terminator X On The Edge Of Panic By Public Enemy
44:19 Check This Out By Rob Base And EZ Rock
45:23 Robbin Hoods By Tuff Crew
46:28 I'm The Magnificent By Special Ed
48:11 Bring The Horns By Stezo
49:32 Word To The Motherland By Big Daddy Kane
51:21 My Mic Sounds Nice By Salt n Pepper
52:22 Super Hoe By Boogie Down Productions
53:57 Gusto By Gang Starr
55:33 More And More Hits By Nice & Smooth
57:16 Smerphie's Dance By Spyder D
58:11 Push It Along By A Tribe Called Quest

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