The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 42 : Future Of A Past Present


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00:00 Intro
00:29 Oasis By Ashra
03:52 Squash By Don Muro
06:24 Happy Moog By The Happy Moog
08:39 Ploaia Nu E In Zadar By Trio Express
11:17 Holy Fuck By Luxe ft Alexis Taylor
15:10 Beatscape By David Hewson
20:16 I'd Rather Be Sleep By Kero Kero Bonito
22:07 It's Just A Burning Memory By The Caretaker
24:24 In The Sky With Diamonds By Marty Gold Lucy
27:08 Eat Static By Panspermia
32:36 Daisy Bell By Nebbed
33:15 Dream Sweet In Sea Major By Artist Unknown
37:22 Hiemal Quietus By Helena Hauff
40:17 Blues Current By John Murtaugh
42:46 Liquid Diamonds By Leon Lowman
45:26 Nice Boys By Temporex
48:22 A Cold Freezin Night By The Books
50:24 Undertale Ost 037 By Pathetic House
51:00 Disco Computer By Transvolta
52:48 Do It Again By Soichi Terada
55:53 Lay Lady Lady By Mike Melvoin
58:10 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye By Claude Denjean

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