367: Answer These 3 Questions if You Want to Have it All


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So I got a Peloton bike late last year, and I have to be totally candid here, I wasn’t sure if I’d fully buy into it. I knew I wanted a new way to move and care for my body so I followed the rave reviews of some friends and got this machine delivered to my house and vowed to just give it a shot.

Now let me be totally candid again — It’s not necessarily the bike that keeps me coming back every day. It’s this community of people cheering me on and sending virtual high fives, and maybe most of all, it’s the instructors. Ally Love is one of my favorites. Attending one of her classes is this spiritual experience, like I hop off that seat ready to take on ALL the things with positivity and light.

Ally is a master at building community and leading people to improve their lives not only through moving their bodies, but changing perspectives and pushing limits. In this episode, we discuss how she chooses positivity, why she believes women can have it all (if they know what ‘all’ means for them), and what the true meaning of balance is. Press play!

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