The Adventures of Pinocchio - Part 6


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You join us for the penultimate episode of The Adventures of Pinocchio. In this chapter, we get a bit festive! Pinocchio finally catches a break and has the chance to be reunited with Gepetto... all he has to do it wait, but that is easier said than done for Pinocchio, especially if the Fox has anything to do with it...

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a 7 part series adapted from the book by Carlo Collodi. It's based on a theatre production by Goblin Theatre, and features the voices of Michaela Bennison, Dan Bottomley, Lil Davis, Will Dollard, Mary Erskine and Barry Shannon.

Suitable for all ages.

A Goblin Theatre creation. Music & Lyrics by Will Dollard & Mary Erskine, Written by Matt Borgatti, Directed by Kate McGregor. Audio produced by Mary Erskine & Will Dollard

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