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The GoGedders is a podcast for and about risk-takers—people who aren’t afraid to make it happen and go get it. We bring on high performers and experts with compelling and inspirational stories from all walks of life to cover today's hottest topics in an entertaining format to help give you the guidance and inspiration to improve your life, achieve your goals, and to go-get-it. Over the last three years, the GoGedders has racked up over 210,000 downloads and received multiple journalism awards. Our guests range from professional athletes, CEOs, artists, musicians, thought leaders, and more. Our topics range from mental health, sports, entrepreneurship, business, finance, human psychology and more. The GoGedders is hosted by Richie Burke who is the Founder of GGMM (GoGeddit Marketing and Media) a podcast first marketing agency that helps clients ranging from small businesses to some of the largest brands in the world helping them grow through podcasting and digital marketing campaigns.

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