The Good Wives' Guide to True Crime


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UPDATED: Serving Up True Crime One Dish at a Time! Season One is a comprehensive deep dive into the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. The Good Wives have now spent 6 years uncovering the truth nobody wanted the world to know. This 13 episode season one gives you a look at the medical records, case discussion, and investigation including discussions on documents that have never been seen before. In 2023 we go back to our roots in true crime. We are releasing 2 books in a series on this case and boy have things changed, even our opinions. You'll be shocked by what we know now as opposed to where we started and even what we said three years ago right here. So catch up on all 13 episodes over the winter holidays and buckle up buttercup 2023 is gonna be a wild, wild ride.Season Two is vastly different. This season we cover cases in small mini-series with in-depth interviews from leading professionals in true-crime and people directly involved in the cases. We're so excited for this season and we know any true-crime fan is going to love it. All ending with our season two finale on the debate of Innocence of Scott Peterson.SEASON THREE coming in 2023. Just wait til you see what Fancy, Christina & Colleen have planned for our next year. It's going to be so much you won't know what to do.

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