S2E41 | "Rachelle - Dancing My Way from Beautifully Broken to Beautifully Whole: A Survivor Story"


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This week’s episode is going to be extremely special - joining us today is a beautiful soul I met on Twitter recently who showed up in my life named Rachelle who goes by the handle, “Beautifully Broken”. Every week we do our Sunday YouTube premieres, Rachelle has continued to show up in the chat and I immediately noticed the compassion, attentiveness, and curiosity she had for absorbing all the information from the survivors was unparalleled. Having visited her YouTube page, I discovered that Rachelle is a survivor and victim of a rare and chronic medical condition called MDDS which currently has very limited treatment options and research to even begin to understand the underlying root cause of this debilitating condition. What I did not know was that there was a part of Rachelle’s story not publicly broadcasted on her YouTube channel. Something even darker and more sinister than this horrific condition that literally threw her overboard and disrupted her entire life: What I learned about Rachelle in a gradual sequence of her opening up week after week… is that she is also a survivor of horrific abuse...
When I realized this, my heart dropped - and even though she wasn’t yet speaking out publicly about her story, I told her when she was ready that she’d have a safe space here on The Imagination to share, educate, and inspire all of you who are listening to her tremendous story as we speak. The thing that made me fall in love with Rachelle is that she has been through hell in every way, form, and fashion - and yet she shows up with more love, compassion and the spirit of God in her heart than just about anyone else I’ve ever met. I’d have never in a million years imagined what she’s went through. The question I kept asking myself is, “How can someone like Rachelle grow into such a loving person after all she’s went through when most people fall apart at the slightest inconvenience and take it out on everyone they know?” And the answer God whispered in my ear is that it’s not for me to question - it’s for me to learn. And that is exactly what I plan on doing. We ALL can learn how to embrace God’s word through our actions and how we show up - and survivors like Rachelle are going to lead the way for us to leave this world better than we found it.
Rachelle is brand new to telling her story publicly and I ask that you put away whatever you’re doing and give Rachelle your upmost attention and respect. You may even want to take notes - you are going to learn so much and be blown away by what you’re about to hear. Without further ado - I am honored to introduce - mother, wife, survivor, woman of God, child of God, voice for the voiceless, child abuse activist, and inspirational overcomer - Rachelle also known as ‘Tiny Dancer’! Thank you for being here Rachelle!
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