Ep. 12 : The Fragrance of Values with Neeraja Ganesh


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Our guest Ms. Neeraja Ganesh comes with 25 + years of experience in the IT industry. For the last few years, she has been working as freelance consultant, who conducts various training programs and workshops on leadership and behaviours. She decided to switch her career to work in the space of gender diversity, after having mentored women from diverse experiences, age groups, industries and domains, to help them grow in their careers. She believes that much needs to be done to show the path to women in India, who have the innate talent but lack the knowledge of where to find help in terms of mentoring, coaching, networking and, more importantly, understanding that these are important elements in one’s professional growth.

In our daily life, we perceive many kinds of fragrances and it is believed that the sense of smell plays a very important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress and working capacity.

As humans, we are all gifted with a certain value set. Understanding these and understanding oneself propels a person to leadership and to lead with impact. With a clear idea of the What, How and why, they provide the support, guidance, and direction that many others need to reach their full potential.

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