Ep 14 : The Relevance of Right Communication with Gayatri Puranik


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Our today’s guest Ms. Gayatri Puranik who is an Entrepreneur based out of Germany. She has been running her Ayurveda business for over 20 years now. She thinks a certain kind of leadership comes naturally to everyone, is grateful for being a woman and the period in which we are living in. Listen on as we discuss with Gayatri about her journey with Ayurveda and find what makes her The Impressive Empress.

In this conversation, we discuss about

  • Gayatri's educational path and what brought her to Germany
  • Her passion and foray into Entrepreneurship
  • About being a woman of colour in a foreign land and her cultural adjustments
  • Her Mantra for the DVUCAD situations
  • The Impact & Role of Ayurveda in the age of Digitalisation
  • How Communication is key to Connecting Ayurveda across the World

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