#158: Discussing General Mills $GIS, Intel $INTC JM Smucker $SJM, Apple $AAPL - Jason Rivera


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Hey All! I’ve started a second show completely devoted to the field of Ontology which is another huge passion of mine. Please check out The Eric Scheien Podcast which is an ontological podcast where I break down distinctions of human consciousness as an access to enhancing performance.


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On today's episode, I sit down with Jason Rivera who is self-taught value investor that focuses on small and obscure public companies to buy for his investors and subscribers.

He teaches others how to become great value investors via three of his services: The Value Investing Training Vault, The Value Investing Masterclass, Our Value Investing Coaching Program

He also have various other mini courses, masterminds, and other online and live events related to value investing and capital allocation as well.

On his Value Investing Journey blog, YouTube, and social media pages he also releases a ton of free content to help people learn how to become a world class value investor.

He also consults, advises, and values and evaluates businesses for business owners with his company Alpha Capital Allocation.

Jason find areas to improve these businesses operations, profitability, cash flow and value, and then shows them how to do it.

He is the author of the acclaimed value investing education book How To Value Invest.

He is also the author of On Float.

Jason has run his blog Value Investing Journey for nearly a decade and the site has been named a top 50 value investing blog in the world four times now.

And his two value investing and education sites have been Named Top 15 Value Investing Podcasts In The World.

He also manage investment portfolios for clients.

Between the blog, his YouTube Channel, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other sources he's had more than 500,000 views of his content worldwide.

In the first 8 years of his investment career he produced investment returns for the portfolios I manage of 21.7% per year on average. This compared to about 9.9% for the market on average every year during this same period.

Jason has written for several publications and investment newsletters including Seeking Alpha, The Palm Beach Letter, Wyatt Research, Insider Monkey, Guru Focus, and others.

He's a member of the Rutgers University CX Advisory Board and also a member of the John Maxwell Team as a Coach, Teacher, and Trainer.

Show Notes

[3:33] Stock Market Valuations

[9:33] Tech industry profits are skyrocketing...

[12:45] Bonds are horrible investments right now...

[16:49] What stock to own in an inflationary environment...

[18:00] Commercial and single family real estate

[18:19] JM Smucker $SJM

[21:50] Apple $AAPL

[22:29] General Mills $GIS

[23:44] The future of Intel $INTC


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