565 - How Genetic Engineering and Today's Crisis Will Shape The Future with Jamie Metzl


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Medicine is changing everyday. We're all seeing this unfold right now. In front of our eyes. Some of the changes seems unreal. So I called up the expert of genetic engineering, Jamie Metlz to tell us what’s a reality and what’s science fiction. I wanted to learn what immunities we can develop? How is the current pandemic reshaping the future of medicine? And beyond that we talk about our global responsibility to reshape society. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs. And a lot of people already have. So how do you find your way in this new world? What can we do to land on our feet when the dust settles?

I asked Jamie because he wasn't always a tech futurist or genomics expert. He started out as a writer. And switched careers because interest led him there. We have the opportunity to chase our interests now in a new way.

Also, I’ve been getting great feedback on how these episodes around the coronavirus are helping people make sense in a really confusing time. So thanks for your support.

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