Dr. Aisha leaves medical practice to coach high achievers on the science and heart of making change in your life


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Dr. Aisha is a former practicing physician turned coach specializing in helping high achievers create change in their lives. Her core message is that in order to make meaningful change in our lives, we need to slow down long enough to get off autopilot and connect to our real thoughts and desires. The world can be very loud and distracting and often confuses us with respect to finding our happiest path.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • A lot of family and social pressure around leaving medicine
  • Leaving her home and her profession meant letting go of a portion of who she was
  • Her passion was coaching people informally when she was still practicing
  • At 30, Dr. Aisha was working part-time minimum wage jobs in Canada to take the time to figure out her new path
  • Total clarity didn’t come all at once; it came bit by bit
  • The world is very loud, so it’s hard to know what you really want
  • We’re running on autopilot most of the time
  • The problem of feeling misaligned in life is solved by looking inwards, not outwards
  • One way to start reconnecting with yourself is to disrupt your energy at the start of the day before you’re even fully awake (trampoline, hula hoop, dancing, anything that is a pattern interrupt)
  • It may take a while to go through this process, but time is going to pass anyway - may as well be making progress
  • It’s ok to change at any age; we are in constant evolution
  • “You can only connect the dots looking backwards” - Steve Jobs

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