Francesca Chang is an ex-lawyer turned travel writer and life coach for lawyers


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Francesca Chang is a lawyer turned marketing professional, tech recruiter, published travel writer, and now life coach for lawyers. Francesca tells us about leaving practice to explore various other career opportunities. It’s a great example of what can evolve when you don’t tie yourself to a preconceived notion of what your career might look like.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Francesca went to law school because of interest in social justice
  • Coming out of law school, she worked for solo practitioner which she didn’t love
  • Francesca started looking for other jobs, and didn’t limit it to legal positions
  • She was comfortable with change, but was worried about other people’s opinions about leaving practice - particularly lawyers
  • She ended up in a business development and marketing role for legal services
  • Francesca then moved to tech recruiting and Ediscovery software marketing
  • She was on a journey to find the right match, and wasn’t averse to trying different things
  • Francesca moved to Taiwan when husband was relocated and had to rethink her career yet again
  • She started travel writing and worked as a tour scout
  • Francesca has now also begun a life coach business for lawyers

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