Jen Berson leaves litigation to start her own PR agency


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Jen Berson left civil litigation after she “saw the light”, decided to pursue more creative endeavors, and founded her own business. She is now the President & Founder of Jeneration PR and the creator of the Agency Accelerator, where she teaches entrepreneurs how to launch, grow & scale a profitable PR & marketing agency. Jen talks about listening to and following her inner voice to a career she finds incredibly fulfilling and which allows her to also prioritize being a present parent.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jen had a vague intention to get into entertainment law, and ended up in general litigation
  • Went to a smaller firm, which allowed her more time to explore other interests
  • Jen somewhat randomly reached out to help market a small fragrance business she liked
  • Jen realized she enjoyed work with a tangible result, that had an immediate positive impact on a business
  • She started exploring the various routes within PR, starting by working with a solo firm and then going out on her own
  • She did battle with this idea that she left law because she couldn’t hack it, but she realized it was just a complete personality mismatch
  • Jen wanted to build a life where she loved her work, made good money, and had time for family

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