Robert Ingalls leaves litigation to start a podcast production company)


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Robert Ingalls is a former litigator turned founder of Lawpods, a podcast production company for lawyers. Robert tells us how he tried a variety of practice areas before realizing that law just wasn’t the right fit for him. While he still had a full-time job, Robert experimented with a number of business ideas and followed the path of his interests. That ultimately led Robert to starting the company he runs today. Robert reminds us of the importance of expanding your circle of influence beyond lawyers who will tell you that your ideas aren’t realistic and this path they don’t understand won’t work out.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Robert went to law school to practice criminal law, which he then actually did
  • But, after realizing it wasn’t the right fit, Robert transitioned to civil litigation
  • He enjoyed trial, but the rest of the package was unappealing
  • The stress of the environment started really weighing on him
  • Robert then moved into estate planning. It was less stressful, but also more boring
  • Listening to a podcast made it click that he could actually do anything he wanted
  • Robert realized he needed to leave law, but wasn’t sure what the next thing would be
  • Played around with a few different business ideas, and started his own podcast
  • Robert then started helping other lawyers launch podcasts
  • He battled with the thought “who am I to do this random thing?” and found it hard to tell his network he was taking such a different path
  • Robert went to a podcast conference, where he was surrounded by people making a living in this field
  • It can be transformative to be around people who believe in the possibilities rather than only seeing the pitfalls
  • When you enjoy what you do, you don’t mind working hard

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