DOW drops on fears Delta variant will hurt economic recovery; Infrastructure deal faces make-or-break week on Capitol Hill; 150+ killed, 380+ wounded in weekend shootings across U.S.;


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DOW closes down nearly 725 points as Delta variant drives fears about economic recovery; Hospitalizations & deaths rising, nearly all unvaccinated; American Academy of Pediatrics: everyone should wear mask in schools; CDC: 48.6% of U.S. population is fully vaccinated; Biden backs away from his claim that Facebook is “killing people”; NYC mayor: no plans to reinstitute mask mandate; Growing number of athletes test positive for COVID-19; Number of COVID cases linked to Olympics rises to 61; U.S. gymnast test positive four days before games;

Biden rejects his agenda would accelerate inflation; Biden assures Americans that rising prices are “temporary”; U.S. & allies call on Taliban to stop committing violence; Biden plans to relocate some Afghans who worked for the U.S. to an army post in Virginia; U.S. & allies blame China for hacks, opening new front in cyber war;

DC mayor: shooters didn’t target fans, game at stadium shooting; Chicago police target gun traffickers after weekend shootings leave 11 dead, 56 wounded; Philadelphia reaches 300 homicides in 2021; Earliest point in decades;

Almost 200 dead in Western Europe flooding, hundreds still missing; German official on flooding: “worst natural disaster in a century”;

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