Trump again defends his racist attacks on U.S. lawmakers; House to vote on condemning Trump's racist comments; Scaramucci reacts to Trump's racist tweets about Dem lawmakers; Dem rep throws gavel down as anger boils with GOP


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Dems to vote on resolution to condemn Trump's racist attack; Trump again defends his racist on U.S. lawmakers; House GOP leaders defend Trump's racist attacks on lawmakers; Rep McCarthy & Sen. McConnell say Pres. Trump is not a racist after Trump sends racist tweets; McConnell: president Trump is not a racist; GOP Leaders meeting with Pres. Trump this hour after spending day defending his racist tweets; House to vote on resolution to condemn Trump's racist attack; Scaramucci: Trump's tweets "racist and unacceptable"; White supremacists celebrate Trump's racist tweets; White nationalist who once backed Trump calls Trump's racist tweets "red meat"; Trump's pick for defense secretary faces confirmation as Iran and North Korea test their nuclear limits; Trump's pick for defense secretary: we do not want war with Iran; North Korea hints at resuming nuclear testing, accuses U.S. of breaching "spirit" of talks ; Trump's defense pick: we are fighting a cyber war now; Boko Haram still holding 112 schoolgirls captive; via Knit

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