Episode 39: Delane Clark, Carolina Thread Trail Board Member, 12/14/2020


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In this episode, Carolina Thread Trail Board Member, Delane Clark, talks about the history behind the CTT, the reason the CTT was founded, the original financial supporters of the CTT, and the various locations of the CTT throughout NC and Lincoln County.
Delane also shares why she is so passionate about the CTT, how she became involved in the CTT, her role on the CTT Board of Directors, some information about Lincoln County Trails that are being worked on, how the CTT is funded, how the CTT works with the Catawba Lands Conservancy and also talked about how other organizations (Keeping Lincoln County Beautiful and Wandering Around Lincoln County) within the community, are helping the CTT in its endeavors.
And lastly, Delane reviewed how you can help support the CTT now and throughout the year.

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