The Manifesting Formula


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Welcome to The Manifesting Formula Podcast, I’m Christine Rizzo, Certified Mindset & Manifesting Coach. In this podcast, I will break down the formula in detail so you can easily understand why manifesting works for some and not for others. Weekly, I will give you tips, and secrets that you can carry out into your every day, so you can start using your energy to attract the life you have always wanted. My friends please start at the very beginning, Episode 1 so you can get the value that this podcast brings. There is so much information in every episode, that you wont want to miss the truth behind manifesting. Listening weekly you will learn to step into your power, you will feel inspired and extremely empowered. It's time to learn the truth about how powerful you really are, so you can start manifesting the shit out of everything you have ever wanted & so you can start turning that vision board of yours into your reality.

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