26: S2:E26 Plastic People, Porcelain World Part 2


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On this episode of The Medium Matters we are braving all things plastic and porcelain and casting out demons and their dolls. From Key West, Florida's Robert the sailor-looking doll who is said to change positions, amongst other things, to the Suzuki family's Okiku doll who is hell bent on growing her hair out, we have part two of a scare filled episode sure to keep you up at night.
Want to hear about cats earning their dinner and Marie reaching her scare point? Of course you do. Tune in for another can't-miss episode of The Medium Matters. You'll be glad you did.
This week's episode is brought to you by the Knight of Pentacles tarot card and by the Tiger's Eye crystal.

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Hosted By: Shantel Keen
Guest: Marie Rose

78 episodes