01.08.12 Metal Mumin Radio Show - "Episode 54"


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This was possibly the sexiest show in a while as I interviewed the pant-wearing Lord Zion and spitting contest winner Vikki Spit from SPiT LiKE ThiS, and we talked about their new album, touring, the perfect glob and Rik Mayall fetishes. There was also a distinctly Bloodstock feel to the show with music from some of the bands gracing the Sophie Lancaster and Jagermeister stages. I played:
The Mercy House - The End
Primitai - End of Your World
Orange Goblin - Red Tide Rising
Dakesis - Trial By Fire
Love and Bullets - Outta My Head
Spit Like This - Zero to Sixty
Spit Like This - Sick
Furyon - Our Peace Someday
Public Service Announcement
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