The Michael Jackson Preservation Project


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A preservationist’s job is to protect. She watches over something precious, something that deserves to be maintained. He understands its worth and displays it carefully to the world in the same way a white-gloved museum curator presents a rare da Vinci. They will forever stand guard and fight for the cause – for a preservationist’s job is never done. We are The Michael Jackson Preservation Project. We are here to promote his artistic brilliance, his unmatched humanitarianism and his life legacy as the King of Pop as well as a human being. We are here to reshape the conversation about Michael Jackson. No longer will a sullied reputation stand as the final word and untruths continue to recycle. For we know that a legacy is a precious gem and must be protected. The Preservation Project is a movement that will treat Michael Jackson as a serious artist and examine his music with the respect it deserves. Through his music and words, we will reintroduce Michael to today’s generation while never forgetting to educate tomorrow’s fans so that they may too experience the joy from his art. We are preservationists. And this is our project.

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