The Body Shop's Andrea Blieden: Why Amazon search ads work better than Google


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For the Body Shop, it's about selling where the customers are -- even if that means it's not necessarily on your own sites or in your stores.

"Stores for us are the bread and butter of the business, the biggest portion of the business, and will always be," U.S. general manager, Andrea Blieden said on the Modern Retail Podcast. At the same time, being on Amazon has been a big boon to the business, mostly because that's where a significant part of new customers are. "I just don't think that you're moving Amazon shoppers off Amazon that much," Blieden said. "If you want to capitalize on the fact that over 30% of Americans are using Amazon, you gotta go there."

Blieden talked about the changes brought about by L'Oréal's sale of the company to Natura & Co. in 2017, The Body Shop's investment in Amazon and what it's like working at a company that speaks out on social issues.

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