Episode 40: Meet Trace Lane- Founder and Director at Surf Sisters for Science, Writer, Researcher and Surfer


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Trace Lane works around environmental awareness. She is the Director and Founder of Surf Sisters for Science, a platform that gives a voice to the untold stories of climate impact. Trace uses her research and writership to link science and the community. She’s also making authentic connections through the stories shared by many individuals from different parts of the world. For Trace, surfing is her way of reconnecting to the ocean. The waters are to her, more than a lovely sight; it is her home. For this reason, it is her burning desire to create awareness that climate change is real.

Today, Trace gets to paint climate change in real pictures. Scientific researches and anecdotal evidences serve as reliable witnesses to the existence of climate change. Surf Sisters for Science offers an exciting and educational way to combat this enemy and Trace invites all sisters to join in this epic journey. The waters are changing. There is no better time to heed this warning than right now. Nature’s not going to wait until we’re ready. When calamity strikes, it strikes without mercy.

Episode Highlights:

  • 04:14 Tracing the Flow of the Waters
  • 09:05 Surf Sisters on the Move
  • 14:42 Climate Change in Real Pictures
  • 19:09 Climate Change Harms Biodiversity
  • 24:55 The Ocean is Changing
  • 25:44 Contaminants in the Ocean Threatens Life on Land
  • 29:00 Join in the Adventures

Today's guest is a brilliant woman on a mission. She's on a mission to raise awareness on climate change. Trace Lane is first and foremost, an academic who's been traveling the world for her research. That itself is already pretty cool. But Trace has created a platform called, Surf Sisters for Science, that is encouraging surfers from all over the world to witness the evolution of our planet's climate and waves from a surfer’s perspective. I'll let Trace do the explaining.

“I couldn't talk about water realistically, unless I also talked about contamination and climate change.” -Trace Lane

But what I found really interesting in Trace’s story is the impact surfing has had on her life from living in a landlocked city for years. She discovered surfing only a few years ago, and is now dedicating her whole life to the cause. It definitely resonates in the reason I started this podcast too.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Take care, have fun, and enjoy the waves.



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  • 06:37 “I couldn't talk about water realistically, unless I also talked about contamination and climate change.” -Trace Lane
  • 17:52 “Just because you're not feeling (climate change),... doesn't mean that many, many people around the world aren't feeling it, because they are. It's very real.” -Trace Lane
  • 21:59 “I would love to go everywhere, but everywhere doesn't need me to go to it.” -Trace Lane
  • 23:44 “The first wave that came my way… was like meeting an old friend. -Trace Lane
  • 23:56 “(Surfing) was something that was a part of my life but I just hadn't lived it yet. Since then, I knew that I had to make decisions based around surf. -Trace Lane
  • 24:08 “Surfing, is a way to be very, very present in the moment.” -Trace Lane
  • 24:45 “Surfing provided the missing link with my relationship with water. Getting thrown about by it is quite different than reading about it.”-Trace Lane
  • 25:28 “(Climate Change) impacts us on land. You don't have to be near or in the ocean to see these impacts.” -Trace Lane


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