Episode 45: Meet Heidi Tapia- Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneur, Free Diver, Whale Guide, and Passionate Surfer


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Today, Heidi shares her exciting water adventures and worthwhile endeavors. She tells the story of how she fell in love with the ocean and followed through even if it meant leaving her homeland. She also lets us peek into the life of a whale guide and she helps us get to know a little bit about these giants. Heidi believes that we are connected and innately programmed to seek the underwater. Free Diving is more than just going in and coming out of the water. Heidi walks us into the meditative aspect of diving and its load of psychological, physiological, and physical benefits. As an environmentally conscious entrepreneur, Heidi also invites us to join in proper waste management. How long we are going to be amazed by these wonderful creations depend on how willing and how vigorous we are at preserving these gifts.

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:49 Free Diving Weekend Warrior
  • 09:59 The Perfect Job-Paid To Surf All Day
  • 12:20 An Unexpected Trip to Being a Whale Guide
  • 21:12 Feeding the Giants
  • 22:20 Male and Female Humpback Whale Mating Behaviors
  • 26:30 The Mammalian Dive Reflex
  • 35:49 Be Responsible Waste Managers
  • 38:00 New Endeavors

I'm really excited to be behind the mic after a few weeks of feeling a bit off. To be honest, a couple of weeks ago, I totally lost my voice, and I couldn't even pronounce a word and so let alone record this intro. Now what makes this episode even more special is that it was recorded outside in real life with one of the most inspiring people I've had the chance to meet. Her name is Heidi Tapia. She's basically a multipotenitalite light. She studied psychology in Mexico, but you could say that surfing absolutely changed her life. Her true calling is adventure and the salty lifestyle.

“If you're connected to what your body's telling you, it's easier to connect to things outside of you.” -Heidi Tapia

Heidi has had the most exciting life from freediving with whales in Tonga, being a surf instructor, and living the dream in Byron Bay. And she's about to start various businesses. She's one fierce female making changes one wave at a time and with immense joy, wisdom, and a great philosophy of making the most in life. In this conversation, we talked about Heidi's relationship with surfing her adventurous lifestyle, and we get to learn a lot about whales and freediving too.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Take care, have fun, and enjoy the waves.



Connect with Heidi:


  • 11:50 “If you want to do what you really want to do. You might not make enough money… but that makes you more adaptable and resilient because you have to be the onto it” -Heidi Tapia
  • 29:21“If you're connected to what your body's telling you, it's easier to connect to things outside of you.” -Heidi Tapia
  • 34:14 “Handmade things have a very powerful meaning.” -Heidi Tapia
  • 35:57 “Part of our responsibility is to manage our waste. And that's something that is truly missing. And until we don't realize that,... not many things are going to change.” -Heidi Tapia
  • 40:20 “I wish we humans will be more willing to connect with ourselves and then, therefore, will be easier to connect with our surroundings and environment.” -Heidi Tapia


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