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Welcome to our inaugural episode! Think Ohio is only about corn? Believe Ohioans are only obsessed with football? Have the opinion Ohio really isn’t that important? Join us as we chat about why Ohio is more than just a flyover state and really earns its place as the 17th state in the Union.

Also in this episode, we meet a lucky border collie, uncover the Invasion of the Alaskan Superintendents, and learn that Nick and Kelsey make a normal hotdog. The word “y’all” may make an appearance.

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”Very old fashioned sentence” is a reference to a John Mulaney joke.

For a full list of famous Ohioans: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Ohio

Wikipedia’s sources are linked on each page.


External links and references are provided to credit the sources used in our research. They do not reflect the opinions of the Ohio Bubble Podcast.

We taped our first several episodes during a relative break in the Covid pandemic. Depending on when you listen, some of the activities we describe may be unsafe or unavailable. Be safe y’all!

No, we don’t actually want to murder any politicians or media figures or anyone else. It’s a hyperbole. Do we really need to say this?

The actual stereotype for Columbus is that people are punctual, not late.

Zanesville and Lancaster are two different cities. Only Zanesville was ever a capital.

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