Living in the Unknown | Emily Melious


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The Unknown can be very scary. This episode covers the legitimacy and the reality of the fear of the Unknown with Emily Melious. The two go into deep conversation about the struggle with not knowing about the future, in our own lives or in general. This fear can strike us all in different ways. Emily and Oleg speak about their own personal struggles with facing the world without knowing what was to come. Listen now to uncover the realities of what you don’t know and how to cope with those fears. *** If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving us a short review? It takes less than 60 seconds, and could make a huge difference in spreading the word of these inspiring/courageous conversations. For information on how to join any of the upcoming, “Courageous Conversations”, please leave us a message via the “contact us” page on ( Interested in sponsoring any of our upcoming events? Please contact us via email ( or website ( For more daily inspirational content, consider following us on: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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