Episode 43: Benyamin Zargar: How Geography and Climate Dictates How We Live Our Lives | Personal Process Podcast's Final Season 1 Episode


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History... Some love it, some don't. I used to be in the later category, but through conversations like the one we had with Benyamin, I have officially converted.
This episode talks about how geography and climate influences our lives. From macro aspects such as war between countries, to micro aspects on how countries' quest for more water ways is vital enough that they may use propoganda so different people to hate one another, which could lead countries to war.
Very unique episode. This episode allows us to go out of our own personal path and realize that there are somethings that are really out of our control. Being aware of this allows us to recognize what we can and can't change. Through this we are able to better ourselves, and This is a very deep topic. Benyamin and I repeatedly mention we are not experts, and more-so just enjoyed bringing these points up. We hope this talk sparks interest for your curiosity to explore these topics, and more abstract topics like this more-so.

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