Joseph Green: Critical Care Paramedic, Advocate for Doing Better and Being Better, and Sharing His Experience Working In The Private and Public Health Sector.


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Had a fantastic time interviewing Joseph! We talk about how he changed his life starting from financial hardship, turning to college to pursue psychology, realizing that that wasn't for him, and then going to firefighting where he found an environment that bonded with his nature. Due to some things mentioned in the podcast *nudge to click play :)* Joseph ended up going into paramedicine and describes his unique experience of working in a variety of public and private systems.

Some topics we discuss include:

  • Mental health and how to take care of yourself during tough times
  • Stigma around mental health both in personal and professional lives
  • Reasons to be an advocate for the betterment of others
  • Lessons that both the private and public health systems can get from one another
  • Changes in policy that can decrease the financial expenditure for health care
  • Recommendation to include more communication focussed training in health care and why
  • The benefits of collaboration and social events with various factions of the first responder unit (e.g., police, fire, paramedicine).
  • The Progressive Paramedics program and website where Joseph and a colleague are trying to equip ambulances with blood to help save lives

This episode was a great time to record and I even learned something new about blood donations... seems like 0- isn't the only blood type that can be utilized... Interested to see what can?

Where to catch Joseph?

IG: @Thatbrojoseph
Web: ProgressiveParamedics


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