042 - Allen Levi


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This chat with Allen Levi was such a gift to me. Allen was a lawyer until his early 40's when he quit to become a singer/songwriter. Since then he's written THOUSANDS of songs, travelled all over, been a small town Judge, and takes care of his family's farm in Georgia. A few years ago he wrote a book, "The Last Sweet Mile", about the year he spent caring for his brother as he passed away. Allen is a poet and unbelievably kind and gentle soul. I don't even believe I get to do this sometimes, getting to have these conversations. This was one of my favorites and I imagine it might be one of yours, too. You can find Allen's books and other musings at: https://www.allenlevi.com/ And his weekly songs here: https://www.allenlevi.com/something-to-see Our Sponsor: https://www.tokensshow.com/ Andrew's links: http://www.andrewosenga.com/ https://www.everybodypivots.com/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-pivot/support

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