063 - David Hampton


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David Hampton finally told a friend that he was an alcoholic. Years later, he’s now an addiction recovery specialist helping people out of the situation he had once been in himself. I first knew David, though, as the worship leader at the church I attended in college. I had heard through the grapevine that his wife was not doing well. I did not realize she was bedridden for years with MS, and sadly, I had not heard that she had passed away a few years ago. But truthfully, I probably would not have heard about any of this, had it not been for the fact that a few of my friends, friends who have undergone the long and incredible task of breaking addiction, who started telling me about this amazing man who had been guiding them into a life of sobriety. Once I connected the dots and realized this was a guy I at least knew a little bit, I just knew I had to talk to him. This was so rich, and so useful. You’re going to love learning more about David and enjoying this incredible conversation. For more about David you can visit his website: davidhamptoncprc.com Sponsor a child through Compassion International today!! http://www.compassion.com/thepivot Andrew's links: http://www.andrewosenga.com/ https://www.everybodypivots.com/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-pivot/support

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