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Cupcake, anyone? We're celebrating an unbelievable 300th episode of the Press Gallery today, which adds up to at least 6,000 hours of Alberta politics analysis since this podcast began in 2013. Profuse thanks to all the listeners who have stuck with us through these whiplash-inducing six years in the legislature and beyond. This week, join legislature columnist Keith Gerein, business columnist David Staples, managing editor Dave Breakenridge and host Janet French as they chat about the continuing fallout from government's firing of election commissioner Lorne Gibson and what that means for future investigations into people who break election law. They also tackle a newly announced freeze on new photo radar equipment and locations in Alberta while the province requests cities to conduct a standardized study to collect safety data. Finally, the panelists look at a few potentially awkward moves this week from the Opposition NDP. Then they stuff their faces with carrot cake cupcakes and some cookies thoughtfully sent along by recently departed host Emma Graney. The Press Gallery podcast was the brainchild of our brilliant former colleague, Sarah O'Donnell, who came up with the idea before podcasts were A Big Thing. Talented and delightful photojournalist Ryan Jackson initially set us up with the equipment to record the podcast back in 2013.

Since then, our weekly gabfest had also been hosted by the formidable Mariam Ibrahim, then unforgettable Australian, Emma Graney. Our oft-suffering producer is Carson Jerema. Thank you to everyone who has appeared on, filmed or edited The Press Gallery over the years.

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