Art, Business and Activism with Karl LaRocca, founder of Brooklyn's Kayrock Screen Printing


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Today's guest on The Print Cast is Karl LaRocca, the owner of Kayrock Screen Printing in Brooklyn, New York. If you've checked out what they do, you would see a huge array of goods that they make including artist editions, artist books, and rad merch. One famous tee Kayrock produced that we discuss briefly was a Bert and Ernie design (Designed by Daniel Davidson) from 2016 for then candidate for President Bernie Sanders. They do a lot of custom work for candidates and political organizations as a result of projects like that.
Karl has a very mathematical mind as you'll come to hear in this episode, and we discuss polygons in relation to Karl's personal artist book projects. We nerd out about some technical aspects of pulling prints, and today's Let's Get Technical is not to be missed.
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