Life Hacks - How to Take Control of Your Habits


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In today’s episode of The Property Nomads Podcast, Matt goes solo to give you fantastic, proven techniques to eliminate your bad habits and install new good habits. Having positive habits will surely change how you view your career, your business, and your life in general. It becomes quicker to see positive outcomes when you have good habits.

Remember: successful people have good habits and a daily routine in place, so time to start improving your habits now!


  • Habit is defined as a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one has to give up. Essentially, habits are behaviour patterns.
  • Take control of your daily habits and you will find that your productivity increases significantly. You need to have positive habits, so you’ll have a positive outlook at the end of the day.
  • How to eliminate bad habits:
    • Identify your bad habit trigger points. Take note of the external factors that can be your trigger points and avoid them.
    • Have a clear out. If you're wanting to eat healthier - clear out all of the unhealthy foods for healthier options.
    • Swap a bad habit for a better habit. Are you binging on Netflix? Make sure you watch more documentaries to get the most out of your time!
    • Ease it in over time. Quitting cold turkey might not be suitable for most.
    • Jump in and bite the bullet.
  • How to install good habits:
    • Set yourself up to succeed.
    • Think addition, and not subtracting. Focus more on what you can add to your life and less on what you are removing.
    • Public display of accountability. Tell people what you are going to do to give you an incentive to stick to your habit.
    • Find a success buddy. Find someone who can give you some friendly and healthy competition
    • Celebrate the fruits of your victories.


Write a list of all of your bad habits - be true to yourself. Choose one of these bad habits and cut it out for 30 days - this will test your discipline and is a great indication for how imbedded it is in your life!


  • "If you make sure that you’re doing it consistently every day, even if it’s something small, that will have an effect – the compound effect.”
  • “Habits can be the difference between success and failure."
  • “If you swap a negative habit with positive habit, then that is going to help you feel more disciplined, more in control, and, overall long-term, just better.”
  • “Where focus flows, energy flows.”
  • “Be in control. Don’t let your body overrule you and let your bad habits take control.”



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