Satisfied Series Episode 3


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In this episode, I get the chance to read ch. 1 of my new book Satisfied called "Longings Met". This is one of my favorite chapters of the book, and one that hits home for anyone- no matter what season of life you find yourself in.

I think anyone listening today has a something that they're longing for- a new job, a friend, a home, a spouse, a child, etc. And the reality is, is that even when our longings are met- when we get the job or say "I Do" or read "PREGNANT" on the stick, we will discover that as wonderful as the gift is, it still has challenges and difficulties with it. And we will find ourselves waiting for something else, again. So what do we do with our longings? When they're met, but it's still hard, or when they weren't what we envisioned? When we find ourselves still waiting, still longing.

This chapter, and this episode, dives deep into that very thing...hope it encourages you!

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