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Welcome to the reMAKERS…

…a new conversation that asks, ‘what is the best version of us, and how do we actually build it?’ How can we be more collaborative, transformative and ambitious? How can we help change systems, not just treat symptoms?

This is your home for nuanced, curious, delightful conversations with some of our most impactful leaders, thinkers and reMAKERs from all walks of life. It’s a chat about politics and social change, about humans and all our weird and wonderful ways, about celebrating what we love while we reMAKE even more of the world we want. It’s a place to try on big ideas, change our minds, hear different perspectives and explore less chartered territory. Guests’ views are their own, obviously, and it would be pretty boring if we always agreed with each other and everything we heard.

The reMAKERS is recorded on Darug Country and we acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of these lands and waters, honouring Elders past and present.

30 episodes