Superhumanship#4 - Adaptability and Elegance - For New Age Micro-Leaders and Micro-Influencers


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Superhumanship, is a bonus podcast series which we run, that is all geared towards authentic leadership. Each week we try to disseminate the wisdom shared by our guests and provide our two cents too.

We believe that in this day and age, we are all leaders and all people of influence. New age leadership, is upon us. So therefore, we need to adapt and all realise we have this amazing opportunity to contribute to this shift in micro-leadership and micro-influence.

This week we spoke about…

  • High energy levels
  • Using elegant language
  • Making abstract and complex ideas, succinct and simple to understand
  • Using meditation to fill your body with light and create space
  • Being in a flow state for longer
  • Different types of sight - HINDsight, PLAINsight, INsight, FOREsight
  • Dealing with our past and finding forgiveness
  • Healing from inside out
  • Unlearning and healing your memories
  • Linear v quantum thinking
  • Adaptability as a superpower - IQ, EQ and AQ
  • Disruption in Business - The future framework of teams (Innovation Teams, Disruption Teams, Revolution Teams)

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