Can Your Life Be Meaningful Without God? | Dave Rubin & John Lennox


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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report participates in a conversation with Christian thinker Prof John Lennox and Justin Brierley, for Unbelievable’s The Big Conversation interview series. The interview series is designed to bring Christians and skeptics together for dialogue and debate. Dave Rubin and John Lennox discuss the big questions involving spirituality and religion, like is God dead? They both share their religious upbringing stories, growing up in a conservative Jewish household for Dave and a Christian household in Northern Ireland for John. They talk about how these experiences shaped their moral and religious views at the time, but also to this day. John shares how his father raised him with a form of Christianity that was mind opening and not mind closing. Dave reveals how he came to feel like he was part of the atheist community. He also discusses his recent changing views on God and how he no longer feels comfortable with the label of atheism after spending a year on the road with Jordan Peterson. Constantly listening to Jordan’s lectures about the role religion and God play in forming a societies ethic and moral structure caused him to rethink if he was an atheist. Dave also shares his story of the night that he thought he was going to be a witness to Jordan Peterson violating one of his 12 rules for life. Dave and John give their opinions on if it’s possible for people to find meaning in the modern world without a faith. John shares personal stories that will help anyone who wants to raise an open minded child who is welcoming of different views and perspectives. They also both give their thoughts on why Socialism continues to make a comeback with the younger generation. They discuss all this and much more.

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