The Time I Came Close To Quitting & Should You Apologize? | Candace Owens | Book Club Chapter 6


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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Candace Owens (Founder of BLEXIT) about the sixth chapter of “Don’t Burn This Book”, entitled ‘Never Surrender to the Mob’. Special guest host Candace Owens and Dave Rubin share their stories of how social justice outrage mobs and cancel culture have affected their personal lives. Dave shares how online hate, and losing friends took a severe physical toll on him and how close he came to quitting the Rubin Report for his health. Candace discusses how her conservative politics led to family members dismissing her and ignoring an invitation to her wedding. Dave and Candace give helpful tips on how to handle the pressure if an outrage mob ever comes for you, including when it’s advisable to apologize and when it’s important to not back down.

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