How leaders are the key in any organisation | The SCI-AI Podcast Ep. 4 - Kristy Tupper


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This is the Science and Artificial Intelligence podcast. My name is Vivek Dahiya and I am the host. I am an Entrepreneur and a lifelong learner of Science, Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Computer Science.
Due to my inquisitiveness in these fields, I have decided to start a podcast so that millions of curious minds like myself can listen to the bright minds of the world and get all their answers while driving to work or anywhere they like as our Podcast will be available on Apple, Spotify, Google and at all the places on the internet.
In this podcast, I have invited Kristy Tupper, my past colleague from Geneia and a great leader and mentor. She had worn many hats in her professional career and has been an absolute revelation. She is passionate about making the world a better place through human-centered design and innovation. She thrives off the energy generated by the happiness and success of those around her and solving problems in ways that make a real difference.
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"It is the ideas that change the world. Let us learn new ideas and information to make a better world!"
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