The Sensuality Academy


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Embody your femininity, enhance your sex-life and elevate your relationships with The Sensuality Academy podcast. Join Sensuality Coach, Sex Educator & Sensual Movement Practitioner, Eleanor Hadley, as she shares juicy gems from her own life and stories of clients' success along with tangible techniques to help you discover your sense of self-love, cultivate self-intimacy and boost your self-esteem. If you’re craving to feel more sensual and more connected - with your body, your sexuality and with your partner - this is the show for you. I truly believe that by giving yourself permission to step in to your innate sensuality, you will develop a better relationship with yourself (and others), you will learn to love and appreciate your body (as it is right now) and that you’ll have way better sex - who doesn’t want that!? Throwing away the taboo and stigma that is usually associated with such themes, each episode Eleanor will dive in to topics centred around pleasure, sex, periods, mindset, feminism, movement, relationships, communication and of course - sensuality. Connect more deeply - with your mind, body and pleasure - with The Sensuality Academy podcast. Now, let’s get sensual!

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