Lessons from a $650K launch with 80% profit


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Have you ever been in awe of people who have six figure launches and wonder what secret super power they possess to reach such results?

When I started my online business, I deeply admired these online entrepreneurs. Never in a million years did I think that one day I would become one of them.

The first 9 months in online business I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t have a strategy and just did what I saw other people doing. I knew about freebies, landing pages, webinars and Facebook groups but I still didn’t grasp the idea of launching or just generally how to sell online.

My biggest issue was this: I didn’t know how to go from helping for free to asking for the sale, strategically and mindset-wise.

I had my first sale and was building my list with weekly webinars, but I was getting increasingly frustrated with myself for not knowing how to launch. I knew I needed help, both for my mindset and for the right strategy, so I hired a business coach who specialised in launching.

My first launch was the mindset shift I needed to understand how to market and sell online. Since then I have done over 20 multiple 5- and multiple 6-figure launches, plus I have done dozens of promotions that I don’t count as launches but have generated a lot of revenue.

In the last 3 years all my launches have been multiple six figures, ranging from 100K to over 500K and conversion rates from 2% to 5%. But my latest launch was the biggest and most profitable launch I’ve done so far with $665K in revenue and 82% launch profit.

In this episode of the Sigrun Show, I want to share with you the lessons I learned from this biggest and best launch I just did.

Don’t miss out on this episode if you want to know how you can improve your own launch!

“If there’s one lesson to be learnt from this launch, it’s creating a runway.”- Sigrun

What you will get out of this episode:

  • The numbers of my latest launch review (8:37)
  • My launch timeline (17:29)
  • The most important lessons (33:35)
  • Renewals and upsells (36:16)
  • Why this launch felt so light (38:00)

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Main Take-Aways from a $650K Launch

You don’t typically have a multiple six figure launch just out of the gate. For most of us, It’s a gradual process. Here are the main take-aways from my latest $650K launch, which was my biggest launch yet.


Having a brand people are talking about is important if you aim for a six figure launch. Create content in the form of a podcast or blog posts to keep people engaged and talking about what it is you do. If you don’t have already, start collecting success stories and use them as testimonials on your sales page. They will give you credibility and strengthen your brand.


The longer your launch runway is, the bigger your launch could potentially be. A launch runway is a launch activity that prepares your ideal client for your launch without them knowing that you are already launching. The goal is to give your ideal client content that makes them want to buy your program once you launch it.

You don’t have to talk about your program all the time or constantly try to sell during this time, but it’s a great opportunity for seeding.


Having an offer that makes sense price-wise is essential. I’ve sold SOMBA multiple times for $2997, but this time, I’ve decided it’s the last time I would sell it for this price. SOMBA started out as a 12 month program but now, I’ve created two 10-week programs out of it to tailor to my client’s needs. It doesn’t make sense to sell SOMBA as a 12 month program anymore. The fact that I will increase the price from now on might have added to the conversion rate of this particular launch.


Five days after closing cart and people starting with SOMBA, I did an information call for my Momentum group coaching program and several people ended up joining that program. At the same time, a few people renewed their SOMBA access for another year. In total, the upsells and renewals made out 25% of my launch revenue.

Doing renewals and upsells at the same time you’re launching is a great way to show your current clients or clients who want to go further and get more support what other possibilities they have working with you.

Are you about to launch yourself? I would love to hear how you are preparing your launch, the difficulties you might have encountered and the lessons you have learned. You can follow and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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