Trump: "Certainly looking" like Iran behind Saudi oil attack; New York prosecutors subpoena eight years of Trump tax returns; Trump suddenly praises Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings after attacking him and his district in Baltimore


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Sources: U.S. told at least one Middle East ally that U.S. intel shows Saudi oil attack likely came from Iran; CNN: letter to FBI flagged information on Kavanaugh alleged misconduct before confirmation; Biden and other Democrats on the stump in South Carolina; Biden warns racial "hate on the rise" in new appeal for Black vote; Warren unveils proposal for cleaning up politics; Buttigieg, O'Rourke split over strategy on gun control; Biden and other Democrats on the stump in South Carolina; Hours before vote, Trump predicts "close" Israeli election despite repeated efforts to help Prime Minister Netanyahu; "SNL" fires new cast member Shane Gillis after videos of bigoted remarks surface via Knit

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